Marsala Pasta worth returning for…

The place was packed!  Not unusual for Maynard’s in Excelsior, but there was some big event with Cities 97 going on right before we got there.  So, when I say “packed,” I mean wall-to-wall cars from Adele’s to the post office!  That meant the guys had to park up near Jake O’Connor’s and walk back to Maynard’s. 

Guys?  Yep – Hubby didn’t have to walk all that way alone as we have company this week!  Dear friends from Cincinnati are visiting – we’ll call them the Skyline Dealers (SD) as they keep our cupboards well-stocked with Skyline chili, ensuring the addiction for Cincinnati chili which we developed while living there never goes away! 

So…  while the guys walked the half mile back to the restaurant, my SD GF and I grabbed a table.  The good news for us is that it was a great day to be outside, so there was no wait for inside tables!  Was the food worth the walk for the guys?  In my book, absolutely!  We had steak bite and firecracker shrimp appetizers which were perfect with just enough kick to make you want more.  The house salad was fresh and crisp, and Hubby gave the pot roast sandwich a thumbs up.  SD GF had the filet which was so good she couldn’t help sharing it around the table – talk about melt-in-your mouth steak!!  SD GF’s Hubby had the halibut which, by his report, had good flavor but the breading was rubbery…  sounds like a dish to avoid in the future! 

We had planned to have dessert, being as my birthday is coming soon, but by the time we finished dinner, there was no way we could have stuffed in another bite!  So, we waddled happily out of the restaurant and headed off to see Crazy, Stupid Love at the theater…  Nice job, Maynard’s!  We’ll definitely be back again!


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